Digital Product/UX Design • Front-End Development

Heyo! I'm a designer currently studying computer science at UCLA. I'm fascinated by complex social systems and how design can empower actors within them. I'm also a huge nerd about how creativity and computation come together to enable creation.

Previously, I’ve worked with Uber, Vertebrae, and led design at various student organizations at UCLA.

I like to approach problems by distilling them down to their philosophical core, defining constraints through the systems that enclose them, and experimenting with paradigms that replicate natural human interactions.

If I couldn't be a designer, I would work in animation!

You can reach me by email, but I respond to Twitter messages much faster. I'm always down to talk about tech ethics, mental models, and Asian American identity (on Twitter or IRL).

You can also find me and a photo of my face on these websites:

Medium, Dribbble, Spectrum, LinkedIn, GitHub, Instagram, Behance, AngelList, My previous portfolio